Pineapple Drink to Help with Gout

Pineapple Drink to Help with Gout

Gout is a form of arthritis that includes sudden joint pain, heat, and tenderness. The pain can be excruciating. Claire explains what causes gout. More importantly, she shares a natural drink that can help to both relieve gout and prevent it.

The drink includes:

  • A fruit that contains an enzyme that can both reduce inflammation & another enzyme that digests proteins which can help to avoid gout
  • An ingredient that has a pain-relieving component
  • An herb that contains a component that may help to block signals from the brain that result in feeling pain
  • A fruit juice that lowers uric acid levels, which may help to prevent gout

Claire includes a recipe for the drink and how often to drink it. Click on the Pineapple Drink to Help with Gout link below to see the complete recipe.

Also, if you liked this remedy, Claire has a book out with 215+ home remedies, beauty recipes, and natural cleaning recipes. I don’t advertise a lot of books, but Claire’s book is really excellent.  Check out Claire’s book HERE.

Pineapple Drink to Help with Gout

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