Plantain – Nature’s Herbal Band-aid [Video]

Plantain - Nature's Band-Aid

Kami has been studying and using herbs for 27 years. In this post, she shares a video that explains how to use plantain, nature’s herbal band-aid. She first shows how to find and identify plantain. Before using any wild herb, it’s critical to be sure you’ve identified it properly.
She then discusses:

  • The properties of plantain
  • The skin benefits of plantain and why it’s ideal for cuts, scrapes, bee stings.
  • How to make and apply a plantain poultice
  • Why plantain works for mosquito bites and bee stings in particular
  • The benefits of chewing plantain

It’s a really informative video. Kami has a very nice presentation style too. Click on the Plantain – Nature’s Herbal Band-aid [Video] link below to learn more about plantain.

Plantain – Nature’s Herbal Band-aid [Video]

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