Recipes and Remedies Using Bee Balm

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Bee Balm Recipes

The Herbal Academy of England is one of my favorite sites because they provide interesting and knowledgeable information about herbs and herbal remedies. They’re also at the forefront of herbal education and offer a wide variety of online herbal education courses.


In this post, they share a number of recipes for bee balm. Gardeners often plant bee balm to attract hummingbirds. But it can be used in a wide variety of natural applications. The Herbal Academy of New England shares:

  • How to Use Bee Balm in Wild Flower Jelly
  • Bee Balm Bread (A new one to me!)
  • Bee Balm Oxymel
  • How to Use Bee Balm in a Poultice
  • How to Make Flower Water
  • How to Use Bee Balm to Repel Insects
  • How to Use Bee Balm for Bee Stings

There are also links to other sites with additional ways to use bee balm.  Click on the Recipes and Remedies Using Bee Balm link below to see the complete article.

Recipes and Remedies Using Bee Balm

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