Rooibos Tea: An Herbal Wonder


Livin’ in the Green was looking for a tea that provided the robust flavor of black tea but without caffeine or a bitter flavor.  Rooibos (roy-boss) is a South African herbal tea that has been popular there for generations.  It’s a red tea that is slightly sweet and has an earthy, full-bodied taste.  One of its attractions is that it’s caffeine-free.  Since Rooibos tea contains no tannins it can be steeped longer and has no bitterness.  It can be served hot or iced.  There is also Green Rooisbos which has more of an herbal flavor.

In this article, Livin’ in the Green explains the many health benefits of Rooisbos tea. Among other benefits, it contains two antioxidants that are somewhat rare. The article provides a detailed discussion of the specific health benefits of Rooisbos tea. Click the  Rooibos Tea: An Herbal Wonder link below to read the full article.

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Rooibos Tea: An Herbal Wonder

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