Rugosa Roses and their Hips

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rose hips

It’s Winter and snowy in many areas. What better time to think about gardening? This article may prompt you to plant some rose bushes next year.  So what is a rose hip? It’s the fruit of a rose. If you don’t prune flowering roses, they will eventually produce fruit. You can eat them, dry them for tea and make them into a jelly.  (There are links in the article to recipes.)  Some roses produce small hips. Others produce hip that look like larger cherry tomatoes.

Homestead Lady (Tessa) explains why she likes Rugosa Roses in particular for harvesting rose hips. She shares where to buy Rugosa Rose plants, where they grow best, and how to harvest them. It’s an interesting, well-written article. And it makes me think of Spring!

Click on the Rugosa Roses and their Hips link below to read Tessa’s article.


Rugosa Roses and their Hips

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