Seven Herbs You Need This Summer!

Seven Herbs You Need This Summer!


This is a Guest post by Katja Swift on the site.  Katja is a clinical herbalist and is the director of the Commonwealth School of Herbal Medicine.  It’s an informative and well-written post.

Katja discusses 7 herbs that can really help us to survive the summer.  She also shares her method for making Plantain Oil.  You can use the same method for Calendula Oil, St John’s Wort etc.

After reading this article you will know:

  • What herb helps with heat exhaustion?
  • What herb brings relief to sunburned skin?
  • What herb helps treat burns, cuts, bee stings, bug bites, spider bites, abrasions and more?
  • What herb is a must-have for skin problems?
  • What herb helps if you are bleeding?
  • What herb is great for soft tissue damage?
  • What herb helps to deal with pain?

Click on the Seven Herbs You Need This Summer! link below to see the complete article.

Seven Herbs You Need This Summer!

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