Stocking Your Natural First Aid Kit for Summer

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This is a very helpful post about assembling a Natural First Aid Kit  for the summer.  It was written by Krissa of More than Mundane.

Summer is right around the corner and now is the perfect time to start planning and preparing your natural first aid kit for summer.   The goal is to have the basic ingredients to prevent or treat summer problems like sunburn and insect bites. In this post you’ll find:

Core Ingredients

  • 7 Basic  Ingredients to have in the kit.

For Prevention

  • To Prevent sunburn (Links)
  • To Prevent Insect Bites -Suggested  Essential Oils

For Treatment

  • To Treat Insect Bites – 2 Remedies
  • To Treat Sunburn – 4 Remedies
  • For Cuts and Scrapes (3 remedies)
  • All-Purpose remedies  (2 remedies)

Krissa’s post will help you to assemble all of the ingredients you need for a natural first aid kit.  If you have any favorite salves or balms, you can add them to the kit. It always pays to be prepared in advance.

Stocking Your Natural First Aid Kit for Summer


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