Strawberry Mint Herbal Smoothie

Fresh sliced strawberries with mint.

I love smoothies and often have one for breakfast or for an afternoon pick-me-up.  What I like is you can quickly combine a lot of healthy ingredients and they end up tasting so good!

This is a Strawberry Mint Herbal Smoothie from Healthy Smoothie Headquarters.  Bananas, strawberries, mint, kale or spinach and several other ingredient make this a wonderful and healthy smoothie.

Mint aids in proper digestion, cleansing and detoxification, calming effects, antioxidant rich, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and mint helps maintain healthy skin.  And it tastes delicious!

Click on the Strawberry Mint Herbal Smoothie link below to see the recipe.

Strawberry Mint Herbal Smoothie

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