4 Anti-Aging Herbs For Longevity

When people explore anti-aging options they usually focus on topical skin remedies which make he skin look better and feel younger.  However, there are  herbal remedies that can be taken internally which work to increase longevity from th inside-out. Clare details 4 anti-aging herbs and explains the anti-aging and health benefits.  She also covers how each herb […]

20 Anti-Aging Herbs and Spices to Add to Your Diet

  Adding herbs and spices to your food introduces color, flavor, and antioxidants into your diet.  This article discusses the health and medicinal benefits of: Rosemary Basil Cumin Sage Cayenne Cinnamon Coriander Lemon grass Nutmeg Bay leaves Saffron Turmeric Oregano Garlic Mustard seed Chicory Thyme Black pepper There’s a detailed discussion of: Cloves Cinnamon Nutmeg […]