The Ultimate Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine!

  In the past we’ve looked at a number of different approaches to Anti-Aging:   4 Anti-Aging Herbs for Longevity,  Rose Petal Salve Recipes (Anti-Aging) and a Recipe for Argan Serum for Mature Skin.  Today Jillee of One Good Thing shares a number of tips you can follow to prevent premature aging.  She also includes […]

Recipe for Argan Serum for Mature Skin

Marie of HumbleBee & Me developed an essential oils blend for mature skin.  It includes argan oil which is wonderful for the skin, South African chamomile essential oil, and another  essential oil that is considered one of the best oils to enhance the appearance of mature skin. The recipe is very simple.  Use just a […]

4 Anti-Aging Herbs For Longevity

When people explore anti-aging options they usually focus on topical skin remedies which make he skin look better and feel younger.  However, there are  herbal remedies that can be taken internally which work to increase longevity from th inside-out. Clare details 4 anti-aging herbs and explains the anti-aging and health benefits.  She also covers how each herb […]

3 NEW All~Purpose Healing Salve Blends with Essential Oils

I LOVE Rebecca’s home remedies.  She posts over at Camp Wander and her recipes are terrific!   In this article she provides a recipe for her  Naked Salve which uses coconut oil and olive oil.  These oils offer natural moisturizing, antibacterial and anti-oxidant qualities to the salve. The salve also serves as a base for […]

How to Make an Anti-Aging Daily Facial Moisturizer with Sea Buckthorn and Green Tea

This is a wonderful recipe and tutorial by Free Range Mama.  She explains how to make an anti-aging daily facial moisturizer with Sea Buckthorn and Green Tea. Sea buckthorn oil is extracted from whole sea buckthorn berries.  This oil contains essential fatty acids, phytosterols, carotenes and more.  It’s used to repair damaged skin and so […]

Cleanse Your Skin With a Homemade Herbal Facial Steam

This is a recipe Chris of the Untrained Housewife for a Homemade Herbal Facial Steam.  This is a way to create a spa treatment for yourself at home.  It’s unbelievably easy.  It feels so good to cleanse your skin with an aromatic herbal facial. Some of the benefits of a facial steam that Chris points […]

11 Effective Natural Remedies for Anti Aging

Anti-aging is a very popular area these days. It refers to finding ways to prevent, slow or even reverse the aging process.  This includes dealing with signs of aging like skin changes and wrinkles, as well as finding ways to increase energy and stamina as we age. People interested in cosmetic natural remedies focus on […]