How to Make Infused Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of my favorite essential oils.  I love the scent and find it very relaxing. In addition to its wonderful scent, lavender oil has some very useful healing properties.  You can use it to treat burns & scalds.  Some view it as a natural antibiotic.  It has antiseptic properties, promotes healing and […]

A DIY Essential Oil Recipe for Muscle Soreness

Rebecca used arnica gel for her muscle soreness for a while.  However, she wasn’t entirely satisfied. Since she wanted a better and cleaner solution, she developed her own recipe. This is her blend of 9 different essential oils. Lavender and Peppermint are two of them.  This is an extremely simple recipe and a very effective […]

10 Homemade Natural Hair Treatments

Stacy at a Delightful Home has put together a great list of natural hair treatments. My favorite recipe is the Mint Tonic which includes dried mint, water and vinegar.  You massage it into your scalp and let sit for 10 minutes.  Then you shampoo as usual.  Not only does the  mint hair tonic stimulate your […]

4 Essential Oils For Natural Winter Skin Care

Skin is our protection against contaminants but it also is a sponge that can absorb bad chemicals.  That’s why we have to be careful about which  products we put on our skin.  Our skin also takes a beating during the winter when the outside air and winds are so cold and the indoor air is […]

How to Make a Homemade, All Natural Deodorant for Men

There are many health concerns related to the  use of antiperspirant deodorant formulas because of the aluminum base and parabens, which are chemicals used as preservatives.  Aluminum compounds , especially aluminum chlorohydrate, are easily absorbed through the skin and have been linked to higher risks of Alzheimer’s.  (This is based on one  reported trial completed […]

How To Make Homemade Calamine Lotion

I think everyone has a bottle of calamine lotion in their medicine cabinet.  It turns out that it’s surprisingly easy to make at home. Kresha of presents 2 separate homemade recipes for Calamine Lotion.  These are super simple recipes where you put everything in a bowl and whisk until mixed.  You can add the […]

Apple Cider Vinegar & Essential Oil Rinse for Oily Hair

This is a recipe for a Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar & Essential Oil rinse for oily hair by Marie at HumbleBeeandMe.  Marie researched all of the essential oils that help with oily hair and picked two.  The recipe is very  simple. She includes an emulsifier to combine the essential oils with the water and vinegar and […]

DIY Tinted Mint Lip Gloss

This is a DIY recipe for a homemade mint lip gloss that’s tinted red.  It uses peppermint oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil and other natural ingredients. It’s a simple recipe. Paula provides very clear directions. There are also helpful hints at the end of the post. Click on the DIY Tinted Mint Lip Gloss link below […]

Choosing Essential Oils for Homemade Body Oils

This is another informative post by  SatuR at the Untrained Housewife.  When people decide to create a body oil, they are either interested in a scented oil or a therapeutic oil.  Arriving at a good blend is a matter of practice. SatuR provides some tips on how to blend essential oils. One important tip is […]

3 NEW All~Purpose Healing Salve Blends with Essential Oils

I LOVE Rebecca’s home remedies.  She posts over at Camp Wander and her recipes are terrific!   In this article she provides a recipe for her  Naked Salve which uses coconut oil and olive oil.  These oils offer natural moisturizing, antibacterial and anti-oxidant qualities to the salve. The salve also serves as a base for […]