3 Natural Beauty Products You Can Make At Home This Weekend

  In this post Krystyn of MindBodyGreen shares 3 recipes for beauty treatments you can make at home.  The advantages of homemade beauty products are: You can use healthy natural ingredients You can avoid all chemicals It will save you money! Krystyn’s 3 homemade beauty product recipes are: Scalp Treatment ~ wonderful oils and other […]

Seven Natural Homemade Substitutes for Conventional Beauty Products

Commercial beauty products, even those marketed as “natural” often have undesirable chemicals in them.  As an example, Katie of WellnessMama looked up Apricot Scrub by St Ives (once one of my favorite body care products) in the Cosmetics Database and found that it ranked 9 out of 10 for containing hazardous chemicals. In this post […]

4 Do It Yourself All-Natural Facial Cleansers

Stacy of Keeper of the Home shares 4 natural facial cleansers.  Unlike commercial products, these cleansers have no chemicals or additives to worry about. For each cleanser, Stacy explains why it works, how to apply the cleanser and offers different variations. Click on the 4 Do Itself All-Natural Facial Cleansers link below to see all of […]