FREE Webinar training with Kami McBride: Spice Rack Remedies

I want to invite you to an Incredible Free Webinar Training with Kami McBride on how to use your common kitchen spices to increase energy and prevent illness. Not only is it Free but it’s a LIVE webinar. The live webinar is on Thursday February 18 at 6pm PT (8pm CST and 9pm EST) Here is where […]

I Love This! Herbal Kitchen Remedy Solutions Online Course

I always like to share quality herbal courses, especially if they’re offered online. Kami McBride’s Herbal Kitchen Remedy Solutions is definitely one of those courses you should take a look at. Let’s face it, there are so many challenges and myths out there about what is and is not good for your body. Kami breaks […]

Ready To Take The Mystery Out of Natural Remedies?

  I think you’re going to enjoy this FREE video training with Kami McBride: Spice Rack Secrets: How to Use Common Kitchen Herbs and Spices to Protect Your Health Naturally. Kami has over 25 years of experience as a clinical herbalist. She teaches herbal medicine and has helped thousands of families get comfortable using natural remedies […]