Homemade Peppermint and Lemon Foot Soak Recipe

Sosae has developed a wonderful recipe for a peppermint and lemon foot soak recipe. It uses Epsom salt, peppermint tea leaves, lemon extract, and other ingredients.  She includes wonderful, step-by-step photographs. Epsom salts relax tired muscles (thank you magnesium!).  Peppermint is refreshing and Lemon smells wonderful. This would make a wonderful birthday gift or holiday […]

40 Uses For Jillee’s Top Four Favorite Essential Oils

In the first part of this post, Jillee of One Good Thing shares a new provider of essential oils that she is very excited about.  So you can read the details about that. Then at the bottom of this post there is a wonderful chart with 10 different uses for Lavender Oil Lemon Oil Peppermint […]

Natural Allergy Relief with Essential Oils

Don’t forget to Like Herbs and Oils Hub on Facebook so you’ll get notified every time we find a great new post about Herbs, Essential Oils, Spices, Natural Remedies and Natural Living. This is an interesting post by Jillee of One Good Thing for a blend of essential oils to create an all-natural antihistamine.  She […]