34 DIY Natural Air Fresheners You Can Make

Commercial air fresheners, sprays and some candles contain chemicals and artificial scents and colorants that can be harmful. John of Homemade Home Ideas has collected 34 DIY natural air fresheners. You’ll find gel air fresheners, herbal and fruit simmer pots, homemade potpourri, natural scented sprays and MORE! Click on the 34 DIY Natural Air Fresheners […]

21 DIY Natural Air Fresheners

In this article on the Homemade Home Ideas website, John shares 21 different natural air fresheners. These are ways to freshen the air in your home by using healthy natural scents from herbs, spices and essential oils. You won’t be exposing your family to the artificial scents, artificial coloring and harmful chemicals found in commercial […]

Make Your Own Gel Air Fresheners

This is a wonderful DIY project. Jillee at One Good Thing has a recipe for two different types of gel air fresheners: one using water and essential oils and the other using liquid potpourri.  These are so much better than chemical-laden commercial air fresheners! I LOVE the water and essential oils version! This version has […]