How to Make Natural Smudgeable Eyeliner

There are some pretty scary chemicals in commercial eyeliners. Katie lists just a few of them. It’s even scarier to think of putting products with those chemicals on our faces! So Katie decided to make a homemade natural eyeliner that would be safe to use with her contacts. This is her recipe and it uses […]

Coconut Lime Lip Balm Recipe

Don’t forget to Like Herbs and Oils Hub on Facebook so you’ll get notified every time we find a great new post about Herbs, Essential Oils, Spices, Natural Remedies and Natural Living. This recipe is by Shannon of Fresh-Picked Beauty.  It’s a terrific summer lip balm.  It uses coconut oil, lime essential oil and other […]

How to Make a Homemade Natural Coral Lipstick

  I think coral is a wonderful lipstick color.  I always get excited when I see a new cosmetics recipe from Marie of Humblebee & Me.  I especially love her lipsticks because they  have rich colors, are smooth, bright, and often include a taste treat like peppermint. This recipe is another winner!  It uses a […]

3 Simple Homemade Lip Balms

I love Crunchy Betty.  She has a great sense of humor and develops a lot of creative, natural products.  In this post she shares the recipes and directions for making for 3 different Lip Balms: Luscious Lavender Lip Balm with lavender essential oil, jojoba or almond oil, honey and other ingredients Coco-Rosey Homemade Lip Balm […]

Homemade Natural Lipstick Recipe

This is an extremely easy recipe for homemade lipstick.  Wellness Mama lists just 3 ingredients for the basic lipstick and then different natural ingredients for adding color. You probably know that there are questionable chemicals in commercial lipstick.  This is a quick and easy recipe for natural lipstick that is healthy and safe. You can […]