Recipe for All Natural Herbal Cough Syrup with Echinaecia, Licorice and Honey

It’s hard to escape coughs and colds any time of the year.  And if you have kids it’s even worse. Thanks to Sara of My Merry Messy Life for coming up with this natural, herbal cough syrup.  It really does reduce cold and cough symptoms and gives you energy when you really need it.   It’s […]

10 Medicinal Herbs to Plant This Spring

Spring is just around the corner (really!) and it’s not too early to start planning your garden. Karyn provides a list of the 10 best medicinal herbs  (well technically one is a tree) including Coneflower (Echinacea), ginseng, chamomile and 7 more.  What’s great is that she shares a detailed description of each herb, how to […]

The Top 10 Detox Herbs

This is a discussion of the top 10 herbs that can be used for detoxing.   Some of these herbs have been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years.  Some of them are used as active ingredients in commercial body cleans products. The article discusses the history of the top 10 herbs and how they […]