Teaching Kids about Herbs – Healing Herbs for Winter


You don’t often find articles about teaching kids about herbs so this article by Dr. Kristie Karima Burns really stood out.  Dr Burns is a certified educator, a Naturopathic Doctor and Master Herbalist.   She teaches adults and children about herbs through TheBEarthInstitute.

Dr Burns stresses that herbal education for kids should start  with simple methods of healing like making herbal teas.  She discusses teaching technique & safety and showing kids the desired result.

There are recipes for 3 fun, herbal teas:

  • Kleenex-Berry Tea,
  • Gingerbread Ice-Skating Tea and
  • Sunlight Scares Away the Sickness Vampire Tea.

These are recipes you can easily use with your kids at home.   Click on the Teaching Kids about Herbs  link below to read the full article.

You can find the ingredients for this recipe at Mountain Rose Herbs or you can shop at your local grower.

Teaching Kids about Herbs

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