The Facts About Herbal Antibiotics

All About Herbal Antibiotics

Certain herbs have antibiotic properties and have been used for centuries by healers to treat infections, heal wounds and fight colds and the flu.

The antibiotics that your doctor prescribes are synthetic. One of the scary problems facing mainstream medicine, is the increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria. What is most concerning is that there are some bacteria that have developed a resistance to almost all antibiotics. Bacteria can genetically adjust for an antibiotic and transfer the resistance to other bacteria very rapidly.

So how are herbal antibiotics any better? It’s because herbal antibiotics are more complex. Penicillin is one compound. But garlic, as an example, contains 33 sulfur compounds, 17 amino acids and more! So while it’s easier for bacteria to mutate and become resistant to a single compound, it’s much more difficult for them to mutate for a complex herbal antibiotic.


Laurie provides many more examples and a helpful video. She also includes a list of the top 15 antibiotic herbs, a detailed discussion of 4 of those herbs, and a book that discusses all 15 antibiotic herbs in detail.  It’s a fascinating article and a real eye opener.  To read the complete article, visit the Facts About Herbal Antibiotics link below.

The Facts About Herbal Antibiotics

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