The LEVIATHAN Sandwich – Behind the Scenes: Making the First Leviathan


So last week I shared the story of Dan and Chris of the LiveDan330 website. They routinely publish great articles about gardening, outdoor living, food and beverages. Well they had entered the LEVIATHAN, their amazing sandwich, in the Boar’s Head Boldest Bracket Challenge. I asked for your help in voting for their sandwich.

The good news is they won their bracket last week! I had a great response on that post and thank you for helping Dan and Chris.

So today they’re competing in the Quarter Finals. If you have time, please cast another vote for the LEVIATHAN. I know Dan and Chris would appreciate it and so would I.

Click HERE to vote for the LEVIATHAN

Dan also shared the story of the making of the LEVIATHAN. Chris and his wife, Sarah, star in the slideshow that shows how they make this wonderful sandwich.

Click HERE to read the story of the Making of the LEVIATHAN


Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid endorsement. I’m not getting anything for sharing this story with you. I just like Dan and Chris and would love to help them win this thing.

Thank you!


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