The Spice That Keeps Wrinkles Away

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Did you ever wonder why we get more wrinkles as we get older?  Elastin is a skin protein that allows the skin to return to normal after being stretched.  When we’re younger we have a lot of elastin and our skin is smooth and wrinkle-free.  Thanks to elastin, when we smile or frown,  any wrinkles that appear go away when we relax our face.

When we get older we have less elastin which results in more wrinkles.   Well there was a recent study that showed that a certain spice helps to  slow down the breakdown of elastin.    The spice also has 9 antioxidants and many other health benefits.

Click on The Spice That Keeps Wrinkles Away link below to find out more about this amazing spice.

The Spice that Keeps Wrinkles Away

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