The Sprout House Terra Cotta Sprouter Review and Giveaway!

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The Sprout House Terra Cotta Sprouter

Sprouts are germinated seeds that you can eat raw on salads or cooked in other dishes. They are filled with healthy vitamins and minerals. Store-bought sprouts are both expensive and more likely to carry bacteria. The great thing is you can easily and inexpensively grow sprouted greens at home!

In this article, Sarah (The Thrifty Housewife), first reviews the Terra Cotta Sprouter from the Sprout House. She also reviews the book Homegrown Sprouts by Rita Galchus, the “Sprout Lady” who owns the Sprout House. Then Sarah turns her attention to the terra cotta sprouter which includes 3 sprouting dishes, a bottom bowl and a lid. You can easily grow watercress, alfalfa, broccoli, mung beans and other sprouts. When grown in a clay sprouter, the taste of the sprouts is sweeter and juicier.

This is so neat! You can also win an Easy Sprouter, a six pack of the most popular seeds and a copy of Homegrown Sprouts by Rita. At the end of the article there’s a Rafflecopter giveaway. There are 122 different ways to earn points in this giveaway. As of Monday 11-27-2014 there are 9 days remaining to enter the raffle.

Click on the The Sprout House Terra Cotta Sprouter Review and Giveaway! link below to read Sarah’s article and enter the give away.

The Sprout House Terra Cotta Sprouter Review and Giveaway!

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