Using Soda Pop as a Cleaner

using soda pop

In this article, Katie shares how she cleaned her toilet bowl with Cola, soda or pop (whatever you call it in your neighborhood). What I like is that she shows you step-by-step photos of the process. There are very persuasive before and after photos and it looks like cola worked effectively as a cleaner with minimal scrubbing. It also proves that this method works, which is good to know.

The question is Why? The most plausible answer is that commercial soda contains different acids: citric acid, carbonic, and phosphoric acids that can break down stains. The longer you leave the soda in the toilet, the more time the acids have to dissolve any stains.

I think this is probably the best use for commercial sodas and pops 🙂
To see Katie’s tutorial, click the Using Cola as a Cleaner link below.

Using Soda Pop as a Cleaner

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