Ways to Use Peppermint for Good Health

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Hanna has collected a lot of great ways to use peppermint to improve your health.  Peppermint is one of my favorite essential oils.  It’s fresh and energizing.  But it’s also soothing.  When I get a headache I rub a few drops in my temple.  Hanna recommends adding a carrier oil when you use peppermint oil for headache relief, but I apply the peppermint oil directly.  She also lists a lot of applications for both peppermint oil and dried peppermint.  It’s a great overview post with some excellent ideas for using peppermint.

You can find organic peppermint oil and dried organic peppermint at  Mountain Rose Herbs.  Click below to read Hanna’s post on ways to use peppermint for good health.


Ways to Use Peppermint for Good Health

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