Wildflower & Blueberry Ice Cream Recipe


This is a recipe by Abra of Mind Body Green for Wildflower & Blueberry Ice Cream.  It includes nuts, blueberries, selected wildflowers, and some other ingredients.  It’s a really interesting recipe and method.  And the ice cream looks yummy.

The only caution I have relates to a comment by Abra about wildflowers. If you can’t forage them in the wild, she suggests buying them at supermarkets during the summer months. I would make sure that any flowers you buy in a supermarket haven’t been sprayed with pesticides. If they have, obviously take a pass on those flowers. Another option for buying fresh wildflowers is your local farmer’s market.

Click on the Wildflower & Blueberry Ice Cream Recipe link below to see the complete recipe.

Wildflower & Blueberry Ice Cream Recipe

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