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Katie - Wise Wife Soaps

Katie – Wise Wife Soaps

Katie owns and operates the Wise Wife Soaps website ( In the past year, I’ve featured quite a few of her soap recipes and home remedies. I love the quality and variety of her home remedies. And they’re all-natural! In addition to soaps, she focuses on natural remedies like homemade sugar scrubs, acne remedies, baby lotion, hand sanitizer, insect repellents and so on. She also sells her soaps and remedies on Etsy at extremely reasonable prices.

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Since beginning her site, Katie has made a lot of changes and has added a lot of new, all-natural, homemade products. In order to move her business forward, she wants to relaunch her business with better branding, an improved website template, and a more professional logo. In order to fund the improvements, Katie started an Indiegogo campaign.

Her goal is to raise $1,500 and she’s almost one-third of the way there! If she reaches $1,700, she plans to donate 50 bars of soap to the Heritage Hospice. And if she reaches $1,900, she will donate 50 bars of soap to the Alle-Kiske Area Hope Center.

Please Check out her Indiegogo campaign HERE  Also, you HAVE to see her FANTASTIC video!  Watch it all the way to the end. And if you can, please support her campaign with a contribution.

I think it’s important to support small businesses that are trying to produce healthy, all-natural products that help people like you and me. Please click the link below to help. THANK YOU!

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