25 Ways To Use Peppermint Essential Oil


Denise of deniseinbloom assembled a terrific list of 25 uses for peppermint essential oil. The uses relate to:  health, insect repellents, food, weight loss, gardening, massage, cleaning, and more. Here are just a few of the uses:

  • Freshen breath.  Place one drop of peppermint essential oil on tongue for a freshness.
  • Improve digestion: add peppermint to a glass of water hot or cold and drink for a daily digestive aid.
  • Remove ticks: rub the tick with a peppermint essential oil soaked q-tip.  Look for the tick to withdraw its head and then remove it.
  • Kills Aphids: add drops of peppermint oil to a spray bottle of water and spray plants to kill aphids.

Really interesting list for a great essential oil.  Click below to read all 25 of the uses for peppermint oil.

25 Ways To Use Peppermint Essential Oil

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