5 Health Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

essential oil and lavender flowers

In this post Nina discusses the different ways that she has used Lavender Essential Oil during pregnancy. However, I think these remedies can also be used if you’re not pregnant.

  • Stress Relief – How she used a blend of Lavender and Frankincense essential oils to relieve stress.
  • Calming for Sleep – Where to place drops of lavender to help to relax and sleep better.
  • Burns and Wounds – How to use lavender oil for bumps, cuts and bruises.
  • Bath-time relaxation – What to mix with lavender essential oil and another ingredient to create a wonderful, relaxing bath.
  • Headaches – Which combination of lavender oil and one other essential oil helps to relieve and control headaches.

Click below to see Nina’s recommendations for lavender oil.

5 Health Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

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