61 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil

61 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil

Megan Fenno researched over 61 Amazing uses for coconut oil.  In the article she mentions there are 100 uses but I only counted 61 which is still a large number of different uses!  Megan also includes the resources she used for the article.  Very informative!

  • 16 health-related uses. For example coconut oil can be used to treat skin irritations & rashes, healing burns and more.
  • 17 beauty-related uses. You can use coconut oil as a hair conditioner, to lengthen eye lashes, as a makeup remover and more.
  • 8 DIY uses.  Coconut oil makes a great base for homemade scrubs, toothpaste and lotions, as a metal polish, to make a non-toxic version of Goo-Gone and more.
  • 9 Home uses.  You can use coconut oil to condition wooden cutting boards and more.
  • 11 Cooking uses.  You can add a little coconut oil to foods  for added nutrition.

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61 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil


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